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 Dragoonas visit to a ninja vilalge.

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PostSubject: Dragoonas visit to a ninja vilalge.   Tue Jun 10, 2008 2:13 pm

Dragoona had been travelling alone for quiet a while. It was crappy always being alone. No freinds..no loved ones. And something strange about he still hadnt fully figured out. He waked slowly and silently along a forest with his hands in his pockets. He soon came to a dessert. Strange how such a lsh forest suddenlly died off into sand. But this didnt matter. Maybe if he walked long enough hed be able to find something. Besides...hed been followed for the last half hour and his follower seemed to have stopped at the trees. Oh well didnt matter he decided to continue his walk. It seemed like a couple of hourse before he found some high rocks. He jumped up onto the stone and looked down into the giant hole to see lots of houses...and people...he had found a sand village. He couldnt resist. He wanted to see what this village had to offer.
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Dragoonas visit to a ninja vilalge.
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