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 Dragoonas abilities (more to come at later times.)

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PostSubject: Dragoonas abilities (more to come at later times.)   Mon Jun 09, 2008 8:25 pm

Name:Heightened speed
ki power:Varying
What it Does:The ser has a heightened speed. His movments and techniques are based off being able to move his body very fast. The user of such a speed can develop techniques combining speed with ki. The very concept of increasing speed is the user using ki through there feet to press against the air. This isnt as easy as it sounds and not many can actually perform this technique.
Type:Gained ability
Weakness:User cannot fire ki while moving at high speeds. Its use is based off the users endurance and agility. They can get tired if used for much at a time.

Name:Fire cracker scatter blast
ki power:Each blast is 25 power. Total of 8 shots.
What it Does: The user makes a strong ki blast and then holds it to the side. He then moves his hand as if clawing the air and the ki splits into 8 tinner balls of energy that fly off. The damage is lessened but the chance of it hitting the opponent was increased.
Type:Ki blast
Weakness:Uses up energy and unless they all hit the target they dont do full damage.

Beefed up form

Name:Ki cannon
ki power: 300
What it Does:the user shoots a beam of ki roughly the size of there combined hands. The user puts both plams together with fingers open. They take a moment to concentrate ki and then fire a beam of it.
Weakness:Exhausts a large amount of energy.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragoonas abilities (more to come at later times.)   Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:05 pm


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Dragoonas abilities (more to come at later times.)
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