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 Taku Sookato

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PostSubject: Taku Sookato   Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:30 pm

Series: Naruto

Name:Taku Sookato

Rank: Mizukage (Leader of Mist Village

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Alliance: Mist Village


Personality:Taku si a very loyal person, and it is his most outstanding quality. He is also friendly to all untill they cross him the wrong way, adn then he will be their worst enemy. He despises the akatsuki and the bijuu and has the ultimate goal of their destruction. He enjoys battle and likes to draw them out longer then necessary unless swiftness is required of the situation.

Clan: Sookato

Specialty: Ninjutsu adn Kenjutsu

History:Taku is from a clan that had their own village, seperated from the rest of the shinobi world by a range of moutains. The caln ahd exceptional power and had a unique bloodline, the ability to use their chakra for plasma like based attacks as well as the doujutsu "Jagan eye". Taku was raised by his father as his mother died in child birth. His father began training him in the ninja arts at age 4. He began using a sword at age 6 and all but mastered the weapon by age 8. When he was about 15, the village fell under attack by 2 wild bijuu. His father used a jutsu that transported Taku about 20 miles west of the village. When he finally made his way back to his home, it was in ruin. He found the body of his father and claimed the obsidian blade of his family. Next to his father were 3 scrolls. THe first contained directions on how to get to the sand village. when he opened the second, a black dragon tatoo apeared on his right arm. When he opened the other scroll, a black sun apeared on the palm of his left hand. He set out adn finally found the sand village, and was welcomed with open arms by Gaara. After being tested by the KAzekage himself, he was set as one of his persenal body guards. The years went by and Taku sontinued to train and unleashed the abitlity to summon the black dragon from the tatoo on his arm. (will make a template for this later). When he turned 20, Gaara anounced he was retireing and Taku was chosen to be his succesor. Now he seeks the knowledge of the meaning behind the black sun on his hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Taku Sookato   Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:37 pm

I know this kid in real life, so I trust him enough not to do something stupid, He is the last admin, until we get more members


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Taku Sookato
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