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PostSubject: Itachi   Itachi EmptyMon Jun 09, 2008 1:25 pm

Series: Naruto

Name: Itachi Uchiha

Rank: S Rank Criminal


Age: 20


Alliance: Village or planet


Personality: Acts like the tough evil little bro but really loves Konoha and will protect it.


Specialty: Choose 2: Kekke Genkai, Genjutsu, basically all around good

DBZ Skills: Ki, Swords, Techongly, Fighting, Speed, study, healing, control(Like Babadai), Battle Restaince

History: The young Uchiha Itachi was a skilled prodigy of Leaf Village. Sasuke looked up to Itachi and saw his brother grow distant over time. Itachi learned that to obtain Mangekyou, clan members would kill their best friends. Itachi let Sasuke know that he could also gain the Mangekyou. Itachi hoped the massacre would drive Sasuke to his absolute limits and obtain Mangekyou as well. Sasuke would thus be Itachi's spare, a vessel to eventually provide him with "Eternal" Mangekyou. Itachi then directed Sasuke to a secret scroll which explained the final power of the Sharingan.

Itachi was directed to help recruit a new potential member, Deidara. When more reinforcements began to arrive, Itachi and Kisame fled. A short time afterwards Sasuke learned that Itachi had returned to the village in search of Naruto. Itachi and Kisame themselves had already found their target. Charging his Chidori, Sasuke bolted towards his brother. Jiraiya attempted to stop the duo, but Itachi used Amaterasu, another Mangekyou attack. Itachi and the group then took their leave. The group then gathered and Itachi learned that Deidara had killed Sasuke in battle.

Madara explained that Sasuke had survived and that his Sharingan would surpass Itachi's as well. Itachi himself remained in the countryside, watching the rain fall. Naruto asked if Itachi planned to capture him, Itachi explained that he only wanted to talk. Inside the Akatsuki base Sasuke found his brother. Within the hilltop Uchiha compound Itachi watched his younger brother arrive. Sasuke replied he saw his brother's death.

In an instant Itachi stood beside Sasuke and stated he would see how good Sasuke's vision was. Sasuke moved to use his sword and Itachi used his kunai in defense. Sasuke formed Chidori and maneuvered Itachi into the air, where he pierced him with his sword. Itachi merely pointed to the figure reclining in the throne, Itachi himself. The Genjutsu disappeared and Itachi stated Sasuke could go ahead and ask now. Itachi revealed it was Uchiha Madara, but Sasuke did believe it. Itachi explained to his brother that people live their lives based on their definitions of reality, like the way Sasuke believed Itachi cared for his younger brother.

Itachi offered that Sasuke still didn't have the Mangekyou, but Sasuke responded that it did not matter. Itachi then explained the Mangekyou's side effects to Sasuke. Itachi then began to explain the process of obtain "Eternal" Mangekyou. A joy sprang to Itachi's face as he finally revealed that Sasuke would be his spare. Itachi replied that since Sasuke had never attained Mangekyou, his revenge would never happen. Sasuke then launched wave after wave of shuriken which Itachi reflected in turn with his own. Sasuke followed by hurling a giant shuriken which cut through one of Itachi's clones. The clone dispersed into crows which blocked Itachi's quick movement to pin Sasuke to the wall. A helpless Sasuke then cried out as Itachi removed his eye. Sasuke then used his cursed seal to generate a wing and knock Itachi back. Reality then broke down revealing Itachi had used Tsukuyomi. Sasuke collapsed but Itachi grabbed at his left eye, revealing it was Sasuke himself who broke the powerful Genjutsu, causing it to backfire against Itachi. Itachi focused his eye and Sasuke hurled another giant shuriken before he could begin. Itachi removed the blade and looked at Sasuke with dim vision. Sasuke collapsed to the roof and blood began to fall from Itachi's right eye. Many missed but one connected with Itachi's right arm. Sasuke fell to his knees in triumph but Itachi was not yet done. Sasuke threw all his remaining weapons at Itachi but they were all blocked by Susanoo's shield. As the bloody fingers reached out Itachi whispered some inaudible final words to Sasuke.
Itachi just fainted. He was revived by Zetsu later and only Zetsu and Pein no he's alive.

Itachi ItachiBody
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PostSubject: Re: Itachi   Itachi EmptyMon Jun 09, 2008 1:41 pm

Itachi Thzet-power-goku-061-1

I wanna let other people have canons so, I am going to limit you to 2 as of now

Itachi Brolysigcopy

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