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 isamu's attacks (will add more)

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PostSubject: isamu's attacks (will add more)   Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:53 pm

Name:100 slashes of the sword
ki power:medium
What it Does:the user charges up ki flies to the victim and releses all the ki charged in 100 slashes with a sword
Color:depends on sword
Weakness:after the attack the user is left very tired, AND if the victim has a sword the attack MAY be countered if the victim knows where to put HIS/HER sword (which means that the first slash is always in the same spot)

Name:1000 slashes of the sword (ON FIRE)
ki power: a lot
What it Does:the same as 100 slashes of the sword except the sword is on fire and its 1000 slashes
Weakness: the user is worn out after this attack
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isamu's attacks (will add more)
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