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 Hina Ayatsuri

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PostSubject: Hina Ayatsuri   Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:07 pm

Series: Naruto

Name: Hina Ayatsuri (also known as Doll)

Rank: Former Chunnin (if allowed)

Race: N/A

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Alliance: Former Sand Ninja/rogue nin


Personality: Hina is a quiet and serious girl who doesn't like to waste her time or anyone else's. She doesn't take anything lightly and never laughs or smiles. Often giving off a cold and emotionless presence about herself, Hina is one who enjoys solitude and doesn't like to be disturbed. Holding no ties to anyone she believes that those who have no one are better off. Without others she believes that there is nothing that can hold one back from achieving ones goal.

Clan: N/A

Specialty: Choose 2: Naruto Skills: Ninjutsu, Puppeteer

DBZ Skills: N/A


Birth: Hina was born in Suna. Her parents being expert puppeteers as well as medical ninja. There were plans for Hina come the time of her birth. Wicked and evil plans devised by her father.

father's plan: As Hina was growing up she became much like her parents. Her father and mother hand been increasing her interests in puppets as well as medical herbs and poisons. By the age of three Hina could assemble a puppet just as her parents instructed. She was a natural born puppeteer. But these skills weren't what her father was looking for in his daughter. On Hina's 5th birthday her father started to perform tests on his daughter. He was doing a series of experiments that he had to keep secret from the members of the village because such experiments were forbidden. His plan was simple. He was going to turn his own daughter into a living puppet.

Preparations commence. A death in the family: After a year of tests and training Hina has become a pretty skilled puppeteer. Her father was training her himself instead of enrolling her in the Ninja Academy. Hina didn't question it but her mother did. Hina's mother started to become suspicious of her husband and started to spy on him and figure out what he was doing. It didn't take long for her to figure out that her husband planned on turning their daughter into a puppet. Wanting to save her daughter from her father's experiments she confronted her husband and tried to stop him. Hina's father didn't accept this traitorous behaver from his wife and killed her. To cover his tracks he hide the body and kept it hidden from the village. This however didn't work as well as he planned.

Murder uncovered and a experiment gone wrong: About two weeks after the murder of Hina's mother the village started to ask questions. They went to Hina's house and talked to her father several times about it but he kept his secret hidden. A month later the disappearance of Hina's mother started to rise suspicion. The village suspected her father having killed his wife and started to investigate. Shortly after it was confirmed and the village went after Hina's father. Determined to finish his experiment he tried to perform it earlier then expected. His lab came under attack by sand ninja during the experiment. Within the commotion Hina's father was killed and the experiment failed leaving Hina without her arms. In place of her real arms she had the arms of one of her father's puppets.

Life after the experiment: Years passed after the day that Hina's father started the experiment and replaced Hina's arms with puppet ones. This made her an outcast amongst the other members of the village but that didn't stop her. Hina graduated from the academy with flying colors and became a genin with ease. Regardless of this Hina became very secluded and withdrawn. She became lost in her puppets and showed no interest in the other ninja or her missions. She practiced and practiced for years as she lived her life as a genin and had became a expert in puppets and poisons. She even managed to change her own arms into weapons for her to use.

The Chunnin exams: When the time came for the chunnin exams Hina was more than prepared. Hina found little interest in the exams but participated in them because of her team. She stuck out in the crowd of students taking the exams. People were weary of her because of the way she acted and the upper class men saw her as a pest. Regardless Hina ignored everyone and found herself passing the exam. Hina and her team had managed to become chunnins.

Hina's life as a chunnin: Hina's life didn't change much with her chunnin rank. In fact she became even more secluded and withdrawn. She became greatly uninterested with the village and her teammates. To Hina it was all just a waste of time. During her time as a chunnin Hina found out about a ninja known as Sasori. For the first time in years something had perked her interest. During the rest of her time as a chunnin, Hina learned all she could about Sasori and his jutsu. She was impressed with how much she still had to learn and how skilled of a puppeteer Sasori was. Hina was also determined in surpassing the famous puppet master Sasori.

Hina leaves Suna: A year after Hina became a chunnin she started to see Suna as a waste of her time and skill. Just like Sasori she planned on leaving she also left the village. She had no plans on returning to Suna. All Hina wanted was to learn Sasori's jutsu.

Present Time: These days Hina wanders around trying to get stronger and kill those that get in her way of it. Running from her village in the quest for Sasori's forbidden jutsu.
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PostSubject: Re: Hina Ayatsuri   Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:26 pm

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Hina Ayatsuri
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